Lunar Exalted - Mandate of Heaven/NPCs

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Alabaster Cloud

Spirit Form Raptor Cat

Appearance Alabaster Cloud is a fairly short woman with a slight frame. Her hair is cut short but is not tom-boyish. The bone structure in her face raises her cheekbones to a slightly unnatural height and width. She carries a bow with her always along with a thin straight sword similar to a rapier.

Personality Cares deeply and is a willing teacher. Highly protective of both Gauntlet of the Moon and Lord Siennas.

Notes - Lunar Partner of Lord Siennas - Taught the young lunars how to get additional animal forms.

Gauntlet of the Moon

Spirit Form Dire Wolf

Appearance Long black hair, pale skin, heavily built, 6ft tall and unkempt. Extended muzzle-like nose and prolonged canines. Golden eyes.

Personality Assertive and dominant. Aggressively protective of the camp and his 'pack'. Leads the camp as the eldest lunar there other than The Sage. His aggression often makes him seem stupid but, while he is not overly smart he seems to possess a different form of intelligence. In addition, this aggression often makes him unwilling to shift his perspective.

Notes - Was around for the creation of the obelisks - Was acquainted with Unabating Majestic Mechanism

Wazo A.K.A. The Doctor

Spirit Form Newt

Appearance Dressed like a tribal witch doctor. Has a great wooden mask which stretches a foot above his head. Eyes slits and jagged teeth - Only shows his chin. He holds in one hand a medicine stick and a leather shield in the other.

Personality Huge ego. As far as he is concerned, if he cant do it, it isn't worth doing.


The Sage

Spirit Form Moss

Appearance Looks like a mossy rock, moves very little. Great curtains of vines hang over her face, bound together by roots and moss. Speckled among the foliage, mushrooms grow adding to the scent of humus and decay.

Personality Slow speaking and sparing with words when she does speak. She is extremely old and incredibly wise but tires easily.

Notes - Pointed the party towards the obelisks and towards Unabating Majestic Mechanism

Mazz and Derra

Spirit Form Derra - Scorpion Mazz - Rhino

Appearance Derra - Derra is very large with huge hands. He also has a scorpion tail which arches from his hindquarters to over his head. Mazz - Just as large and burly but shorter. Planted in the middle of his face is a rhino horn.

Personality Derra - Drinking and womanizing. Only ever concerned where the next woman or pint is coming from. Mazz - Much quieter and more thoughtful than Derra.

Notes - These two are inseparable


Spirit Form Octopus

Appearance Teela is a rotund chef with a waxed Inspector Poirot moustache. His cooking is helped by his arms ending in 4 tentacles instead of hands allowing him to perform multiple tasks at once.

Personality Massively eccentric and never lacking enthusiasm or a hug for someone in need.


Horse Lady

Spirit Form Horse

Appearance Fairly plain, shoulder length brown hair. She has a simple beauty but is not stunning. Long legs and a horsey face.

Personality Silent. Wishes to be dominated.

Notes - Seems to have a crush on Sorel.


Unabating Majestic Mechanism (R.I.P)


Very thin and wiry, almost to the point of emaciation. Looks about 50. Wears a long military style jacket over and extremely tight waistcoat which is adorned with a lot of orichalcum ornamentation. On his lower half he wears shorts which balloon out before constricting at the knee, showing off argouille socks.His hair is oiled slick and is black with a fair amount of grey streaking through it. Finally, his face is punctuated by a massive moustache which is frizzy and stick out a little less than a foot to each side in massive unkempt handlebar fashion.


Eccentric English Gentleman, lacks compassion. Very arrogant but for good reason.


- Helped create the obelisk network in Creation
- Owns a powerful manse
- Own many manservants, mostly automata
- Created the tribe people who were eventually his downfall
- Now deceased


Gabriel Cannon

Appearance Gabriel Cannon is one of those men who very nearly his greatness with his beauty. You can imagine him appearing as a second-grade model. His hair is floppy and dark, settling next to a stubbled, firm chin.

Personality Arrogant and aware that he is good-looking.

Notes - Hulda's lover briefly.




Margaret appears to be a shapely and beautiful naked woman in her 20s other than the fact she is completely transparent. She appears to be made of some form of super-hard glass. As she moves her hair tinkles like an idyllic waterfall landscape.


When Unabating Majestic Mechanism was alive she seemed happy with a life of subservience. However, now that he is dead she seems to be growing into her new-found freedom, developing some sort of attachment to Makeen.


- She seems more than proficient at Craft (Fire) as she was able to graft a half-finished automaton fist to the end of Makeen's blackwood club.
- Has awareness of everything that happens within the manse
- Has taken up some of Unabating Majestic Mechanism's unfinished projects

Lion (R.I.P)


He looks like an 8 foot high white marble lion.


Lion has a wry sense of humour. Often you cannot tell if he is joking or being serious in what he is saying. Lion is willing to show people around his master's manse but did not offer help beyond what he was asked.


- Lion helped the party by giving his life to produce the unguent required to fix the obelisks.