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Please be certain to use sub-pages to keep the main namespace from being cluttered. We are also using Categories for convenient navigation; define Categories by using the [[Category:categoryname]] link at the bottom of the page. Any number of categories can be added to a page in this fashion.

Inside a subpage hierarchy the following relative links can be used:

  • [[../]] links to the parent of the current subpage, e.g., on A/b it links to A, on A/b/c it links to A/b.
  • [[../../]] links to the grandparent of the current subpage, e.g., on A/b/c it links to A.
  • [[../s]] links to a sibling of the current subpage, e.g., on A/b, it links to A/s.
  • [[../../s]] links to an "uncle" of the current subpage, e.g., on A/b/c, it links to A/s.
  • [[/s]] links to a subpage, e.g. on A it is the same as [[A/s]]. Because of this, linking from a namespace where the subpage feature is enabled to a page in the main namespace with a name starting with "/", requires a workaround: put a colon before the pagename.


Name Summary
The Dresden Files - Hollywood Dreams Los Angeles, California. People come from all over the US - and beyond - to make a name for themselves in the movie industry. But Hollywood is a place of dark appetites and it mauls these dreamers, chews them up and spits them out. Sometimes literally.
Mindjammer - Always On The Edge At the Frontier of the New Commonality there are rich pickings for those with the resources to take advantage of them. Among them is the crew of an installation-sized planeship that's staying just ahead of the Frontier to take advantage of the extraterritoriality this provides. Currently nearest to a rediscovered low-gravity ocean planet the players manage the risks and rewards of life on the edge.
Eclipse Phase - The Centre Cannot Hold Humanity clings to existence following The Fall, the destruction of most of humanity. There are terrible things lurking in space that would finish the job, but a secret organisation called Firewall places itself between humanity and its imminent destruction at the hands of these extinction risks.
Lunar Exalted - Mandate of Heaven The fate of Creation hangs in the balance. The bloody events of the Primordial War are easily forgotten for some. The dragon-blooded have waged a new war on the celestial exalts and time itself seems bent to their whim. Using their natural cunning and wiles the party must avoid hunting parties while restoring the timeline.
Exalted: Dragon Blooded - Whispering Rock Not many people on the Blessed Isle have heard of the Whispering Rock Academy, and for good reason. A school for un-Exalted scions, it provides them a last chance for those sent to take the Second Breath, a chance to finally shine, or die trying.
Mage: The Ascension - Living the Dream Summer Ridge is the perfect American community, full of happy Americans living the lives they always wanted, with all the wonders of New York City on the horizon, and all the peace and tranquillity of the untouched woodland around them. And yet, a few quirky characters have found each other, and something doesn't smell right...