Mindjammer - Always On The Edge

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At the Frontier of the New Commonality there are rich pickings for those with the resources to take advantage of them. Among them is the crew of an installation-sized planeship that's staying just ahead of the Frontier to take advantage of the extraterritoriality this provides. Currently nearest to a rediscovered low-gravity ocean planet the players manage the risks and rewards of life on the edge.


Always On The Edge - An Impending issue. There's danger a-plenty out there in the undiscovered and recently rediscovered fringe worlds, and in balancing the needs of the Commonality with the needs of... others.

Exclusivity Is A Blessing And A Curse - A Current Issue. Their station is tolerated by the Commonality and any attempts to set up rival operations beyond the fringe are generally stamped out. However, this causes resentment and issues and also an obligation (real or imagined) to comply with the Commonality's needs.


Chikere "ChiChi" Chinleyu

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