The Dresden Files - Hollywood Dreams

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Los Angeles, California. People come from all over the US - and beyond - to make a name for themselves in the movie industry. But Hollywood is a place of dark appetites and it mauls these dreamers, chews them up and spits them out. Sometimes literally.

The White & Red Courts of vampires have an uneasy peace, competing with each other for resources but for the most part trying to maintain the status quo. Gang violence is rampant and there's a new Mafia family in town that's determined to control the trade in guns, drugs and vice throughout the city. Fairies of both courts are drawn to the glamour, sin and depression that's rife in the City of Angels and its environs, with the winter and summer courts vying for supremacy.

Strange things lurk in the Never-Never and are drawn to the flights of imagination being constructed by mortals from whole cloth.

Los Angeles is truly a place of dreams, but there are things with an appetite for dreams...


Los Angeles


People suffer for their dreams.

The Police are corrupt and/or ineffectual.

Los Angeles is WEIRD.


Competing vampire courts running rival movie studios.

Modern day Mafia (The Sopranos kinda thing).

There's a new gang in town and they're all werewolves.

People are being forced to fight in illegal street fights.

Someone Cares About the City

Vampires of both the White and Red Courts.

Wizards are likely to be there because the town is important for the vampires.

Warriors of God would have an interest in the sin and vice in the city, as would the demons.

Fairies are attracted to the glamour of Hollywood (and possibly the lost dreams as well).

Someone wants to maintain the status quo

The vampires want to maintain the status quo in order to maintain competition; better the devil you know.

Fairies want to maintain Hollywood.

Mortal police, especially corrupt police, want to maintain the status quo.

Somebody wants to rock the boat

The Mafia want to rock the boat and increase their profits, growing their own potential.

The White Council want to rid the city of its plethora of vampires, and the Warriors of God in general want to clean up the city of both its vampires and other supernatural threats.

Mortal responses to the supernatural

Much of the city is in the dark, especially due to the high transient population.

Two rival gangs of mortal vigilantes on neighbouring territory, who know just a little about supernatural threats - and are doing everything they can to wipe out the supernatural threats they discover, but often end up in conflict. There's a priest who helps inform both groups because he's fed up with the church's lack of assertive action but so far he hasn't been able to reconcile the two gangs.

Corrupt cops don't know or don't care about the supernatural threats except that they can make some money off it.

Crazy Russian Vampire.

The Supernatural Community

There is a community of weak focused practitioners etc. but it's often transient.

There's a gym where the Paranetters tend to meet up, with rooming and board above for troubled street kids etc. etc. There's a coffee and book shop opposite. It's on the border of one of the rough parts of town with gang activity nearby. There's a good sightline to the Hollywood sign so they can 'dream of better things'.