Whispering Rock

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Player Characters

Sesus Nuwo Sayu
V'neef Ro-lin
Mnemon Norikiyo Sato
Iselsi Tol
Ragara Calel Refi

Notable NPCs

Ledaal Mialimmal
Rahe (a.k.a. Moon Tooth)

Other Characters


Whispering Rock / Sasayaku Iwa

Whispering Rock is a small island located to the South West of the Blessed Isle. It is mostly covered with a dense jungle, dominated by a large mountain rising roughly from the centre with a number of rivers and lakes spilling from it making their way to the ocean. The island is currently known in the Realm as Whispering Rock, after the small academy tucked onto it's North Western corner, but a group of enterprising students recently discovered that the islands spiritual inhabitants still refer to is as Sasayaku Iwa, the name it went by in the First Age.

An unmarked map of Sasayaku Iwa

Whispering Rock Academy

Whispering Rock Adademy for Hopeful Dynasts takes up a small corner of Sasayaku Iwa. It consists of a small village located on a sheltered bay, connected to the sea by a fast flowing river and with a more sedate river feeding it from inland. The village clusters around the inland river and edge of the bay, with buildings put aside for servants, staff, studying and storage. The student population of the island is housed in a number of more unique buildings, of which only Fexis Sen Aviary, a large biodome and aa fort have been discovered by the Diamond Team. The buildings of the academy are made of the red wood found in the surrounding forest and are topped with green-tinted tiles.

Fexis Sen Aviary

The Aviary is a small, roughly circular building that stands three stories tall and is surrounded by a tall stone wall. Inside the wall are some training grounds leading up to the outside of the building, which holds a common room on the ground floor and individual suites of two stories each on the second and third floors. The top floor of each set of rooms is missing the outer wall, making a balcony for the students to relax on. It is currently being used to house the Diamond Team.

"The Biodome"

The biodome is a large greenhouse with a square building jutting out of the back that is currently being used to house the Emerald Team. The building is circular and is about 500 metres across, with the students being housed in the adjoining building, where the rooms have been converted into individual suites. The greenhouse is surrounded by well tended gardens, and contains a number of unusual plants.

"The Fort"

The fort is a stocky rectangular building that is currently being used to house the Ruby Team. It stands three stories tall with a large courtyard in the centre complete with various bits of training equipment and an automated assault course. The students are housed in various suites now built into the walls of the fort.

Yonkaiju Pass

The academy is linked to the rest of the island by an unusual land formation, two craggy rows of hills rise from the sea with a valley about half a mile wide between them, running about a mile in length. The valley floor sits below sea level, but the hills to either side prevent it from flooding. At either end of the valley huge walls have been raised, decorated with white jade with stylings of the Elemental Dragon of Earth. A wide road runs between two huge gates, with the academy behind one and the wilds of Sasayaku Iwa behind the other. This is Yonkaiju Pass.

Rahe Ryouiki

Whilst diving in one of the lakes on Sasayaku Iwa the students of Diamond Team found a manufactured underground tunnel. Following it they fell from the ceiling into an underground chamber, the water leading back into the tunnel blocked from entering by some kind of magic. A single large tunnel led from the chamber they stood in, with a scrawled sign by the entrance reading "Rahe Ryouiki", Rahe's Domain once translated from Old Realm. Grander than a regular sewer but clearly long forgotten by any who would care for it's state, the underground complex stretches an unknown distance beneath the island.

The Story So Far

On seeing the metal man Tol took off on Obsidian, but was spotted by the man as he went. A red beam extended from the side of the metal man's head that swept the area, spotting everyone hiding in the building with the wounded, and he advanced to demand to know where someone called Tarvek was speaking in Old Realm, meaning only Ro-lin could understand (or at least, if anyone else could no-one came forward). Rolin said he didn't know who or where Tarvek was, so the man took off and flew over the area, eventually descending onto the corpses of the dead from the previous battle. He picked up two satchels from the corpses, then returned to demand the missing third from the students in the building, revealing that they contained lizard eggs of the type Obsidian and Moriko hatched from.

Sayu was still hiding with the third satchel at this point, so he opened it, attuned to the egg then went out and returned it to the being. It then took off and started chasing down Tol, who was still circling overhead, produsing a weapon from it's arm and firing, trying to kill Obsidian. Tol did a low flyby of the building to try and get assistance, at which point Ro-lin drew an arrow on the being and ordered it to stand down. The being fired on Ro-lin, but was unable to pierce his armour. Sayu and Sato leapt into the air as he passed, Sayu landing a kick squarely in it's face but only doing a tiny amount of damage, and Sato stealing the satchels containing the eggs as the lizard passed by. He threw one to Sayu and one to Imon (which Refi intercepted, Exalting in the process) to divide the being's attention. Both Refi and Sato attuned to their eggs without the being noticing.

It decided to go after Tol rather than play games with the eggs so left chasing him whilst everyone else retreated into the sewers. Ro-lin sent Moriko to help Tol out, who eventually drew the being away from Tol and then lost him using her invisibility. They secured the wounded underground, then Refi used his earth sense to feel upwards and find out why the teachers weren't responding. All five were unconscious, with a young woman inside the building and a large man outside, as well as another, larger lizard.

Minabo revealed she'd read about the lizards somewhere before, that they were a genetic experiment by the anathema to provide loyal mounts to their most trusted lieutenants. Imon was angry with Refi that he'd stolen "hers", but was content to just follow him for the time being. Minabo called them the vatrante, which Ro-lin identified as meaning "flying lizard" in Old Realm.

The two unknowns took off and flew away before anyone could sneak up to get a good look at them, all that was seen was that the vatrante they were flying on was bronze with glowing green sections. The silver being returned after they'd left, and the students decided to lure him into the sewers where the vatrante couldn't follow, and trap him using the stasis tiles that they were given when first arriving in case of medical emergency.

They lined up all able Exalts ready to fight the being, and recruited three of the mortal students to activate the stasis field, but before they sprung the trap the being spotted it and blew the mortals away with the essence weapon he had been using outside. He dropped into the crater he'd just made and everyone made to attack, but just as they were about to his vatrante began pressing itself against the manhole he'd come down and beginning to distort and morph through the hole.

Previous Episodes

Information for Players

Character Generation

Character Generation Guidelines

House Rules

Single Elemental Affinity - Dragon Blooded may only use their single element, but may use it across all abilities.
Elemental Expression - A new power available to all Dragon Blooded.
Exaltation Rules - A guide for Whispering Rock students on how, mechanically, they get a chance to Exalt. The current roll to Exalt as per these rules is 5.

XP Total

The current XP total is 45xp.
If a new character joins the game they will automatically be awarded half this XP and may roll an appropriate number of dice against the remainder to determine their starting experience.